Dogline Nylon Post Surgery Cone


This Nylon soft post surgery / allergy pet recovery cone was designed to minimize pain and discomfort as much as possible. Made of lightweight nylon, it will not interfere with eating and drinking and can be folded if needed without removing. Can be folded for both storage and transport.

Adjustable to maximize comfort.

N0001 XS Neck 9"-12" Length 5"
N0002 S Neck 10"-14" Length 8"
N0003 M Neck 13"-19" Length 10"
N0004 L Neck 17"-24" Length 12"
N0005 XL Neck 22"-27" Length 15"

N0001- 2 ounces
N0002- 3.8 ounces
N0003- 7.4 ounces
N0004- 9.8 ounces
N0005- 15.5 ounces