Herm Sprenger - ClicLock Quick Release Buckle for Flat-Style Collars - Black Stainless Steel


This version is not designed to be connected directly via prongs.

Comfort and security are offered by Herm Sprenger patented ClicLock. Components made of stainless steel and high quality plastic, as well as a guaranteed breaking strength of 440lbs (200kg), make this product as unique as it is.

The ClicLock is UV-light- and seawater-proof and is equipped with a high-grade plastic jacket in order to protect the clasp against unintended opening.

The Herm Sprenger ClicLock offers an incredibly easy on/off when paired with your favorite dog collar. A popular choice for those who struggle with grip strength or arthritis, the ClicLock is a great add-on to your everyday collar to increase ease of use.